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without looking at face how will you identify employee if logo is there it is easy


All workers will wear a standard good quality mask for better protection for them and for others.


Mask is 100 percent fine cotton for better breathability and itch free wearing.

Our Quality

Our Strength

Our talented team makers, customer service staff, marketers, developers, love to make things in our production facility. It means everything IDC produce is in-house with experience.

Made to Order

Every order is made to order with no mass production

High Quality

we use high quality materials to create bespole products

Personal Service

In-House customer service offers personal and attentive service


Why cotton cloth mask

The evidence shows that cloth masks, particularly those with several layers of cotton cloth, block droplet and aerosol contamination of the environment, which may reduce transmission of COVID-19


What is the benefit of earloop cord elastic?

These are especially designed for ear looping so that it does not strain your ears when you wear your mask for a longer period of time.

Why third layer is white and coarser from the top layer?

White keeps inside temperatures cool and coarser for better breathability.

Why Our mask does not have valve?

Valve are only one-way. That means it closes when you breathe in, so pathogens can’t get in through it. But when you breathe out, this valve opens, creating a doorway for your exhalation to leave the mask completely, in other words it protects you from others, but not vice versa.

What kind of certification is SITRA?

The South India Textile Research Association (SITRA), which is one of the four approved laboratories in the country to test coveralls, masks, and fabric has approved melt blown filter.

Why we should use more than one mask?

A mask should be maintained and it is needed to be washed with soup after every use hence it is being suggested by WHO to keep at least 1 set of mask (2) for each person.

What is the benefit of melt blown filter?

Meltblown used in filter media is primarily made of polypropylene which allows it to offer a very high barrier filtration efficiency of 95-99%.

What is the benefit of nose pin?

By pressing the Nose pin on the countour of the nose you covers the gap between the nose and the face , thus allowing better protection.

Why a light weight mask?

A light weight mask can be worn for a longer duration and will not make u feel as if you are wearing something after few minutes.

Why companies should provide mask?

Safety – A good quality company approved mask ensures safety for all.

•Security – Recognition of a company personal by mask, in other words its another id proof as your face is covered.

•Comfort – A comfortable mask will avoid distraction and provides better work efficiency, otherwise employee will be busy adjusting the mask.

•Uniformity – A great sense of branding and uniformity in the organisation

why IDC mask?

  • Fits perfect
  • •Looks appealing
  • •Latest technology
  • •Helps branding
  • •Serves your need
  • •Protect your employees and your organization

Why a good fit mask is extremely necessary?

A good fit is at least as important as the filtering material of a mask. If there is a gap between the mask and your face, air can reach your face more easily through this gap than through the filter, with its higher resistance to airflow, thus defeating the purpose of the mask. Also, a good fit means the mask is likely to be more comfortable to wear.


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